GMS Counseling Department


The goal of the Garfield Middle School counseling department is to promote academic success by working cooperatively with students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community. 

Students can complete this Counselor Request form to request meeting with their counselor with academic, personal/social, or future planning concerns. Parents and guardians are always welcome to contact us over the phone, email, or by completing the Counselor Request form.

Counselors (2019-2020)

Laura Hord

7th grade Counselor


Cindy Smith

8th grade Counselor


The counselors also work closely with:


  • Katie Hanson Griesser ( - Success Program Liaison

Community School Liaisons work directly with parents and guardians of school-age children to help them access needed resources. Click here to learn more about the Butler County ESC Success Program.


  • Cheryl Moeller ( - School Psychologist




Primary Health Solutions:

Primary Health Solutions provide School Based Health Services right here at Garfield Middle School! 

Please click on the links to learn more.

Primary Health Solutions general information and a link to the parental consent forms

Parent Consent and Registration Forms - nin English and Spanish

Hours and information about Hamilton's School Based Health Center at Garfield

Interpreting services

Social Services and Resources in Butler County 




Study Guides and Strategies 


Personal / Social


Crisis and Counseling Services - see attached page for updates


Mental Health Resources  - link to another page


Adolescence & Other Topics - link to other page



Career / College




PAMF: Parenting Teens Adolescence  [Adolescente-en Espanol)]

Kid's Health for Parents

[text to speech and Spanish available]