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5th Grade ELA
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Big Blue Minute - October Edition big blue minute

Check out this month's Big Blue Minute with Superintendent Mike Holbrook. 

Fairwood Falcon Food Cart Falcon Food Cart

The students at Fairwood Elementary are very excited to assist with running the Falcon Food Cart on Friday's with Mrs. Megan Wagner, a Speech-Language Pathologist who created this experience for students to work on communication scripts, practice using good articulation skills, counting, and making correct change. Behind the scenes the students are keeping inventory, counting earnings, balancing a checkbook, restocking, and many other adaptive goals. The staff at Fairwood enjoy and look forward to the special treats on Friday's! #BelieveBeIntentional #BigBlueOntheMove #FairwoodFalcons

September 24, 2021 - Visitor & Volunteer Criteria news

Please click here to read important information regarding visitors and volunteers to our buildings. 

Sixth Grade Solar Ovens Sixth Grade Solar Ovens

Sixth Graders in Mrs. Noga's class researched and learned about the greenhouse effect. The goal was to use the materials they were given to build an oven which would use the greenhouse effect and generate enough heat to melt their s'mores. The students were given a box, black paper to absorb the heat, aluminum foil to reflect the sun, and clear plastic wrap to trap the heat in their oven. Groups sketched how they were going to use the materials and then were able to build. 

The ovens were put outside from 9:30 to 1:30 to bake. When students brought their ovens in, they had time to check on their s'mores and reflect on the project.