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Covid 19 Dashboard dashboard

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September 3, 2021 - Letter to Parents/Guardians - COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines letter to parents

HCSD Board of Education and the district is committed to providing students a 5-day in-person educational experience. We want our students to stay in school - in person. We believe that attendance will improve by adding a layer of protection (face covering), even for vaccinated individuals.

Hamilton City School District COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines covid protocol

Please click to view the current Hamilton City School District's COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Guidelines

Falcon Feathers Are Flying Shadrach 50 feathers

As part of our PBIS program, classes can earn falcon feathers for being respectful, responsible and kind at school.  Each 50 earned, the classes can earn a variety of rewards ranging from extra recess to lunch outside to an ice cream party.  Many classes have already earned their first 50!  Pictured, students in Mrs. Shadrach's class place their falcon in the clouds.  Keep soaring Fairwood!!  #BelieveBeIntentional

Celebrating PBIS Bronze Recognition! Positive Referral

Fairwood Elementary is a recipient of the Ohio PBIS Bronze Recognition Award for 2021!  Students at Fairwood show Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness on a daily basis.  Congratulations to Kindergarten student Rogelio for receiving the first Positive Office Referral for showing kindness!  We are so proud of you! #BelieveBeIntentional #BigBlueontheMove