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Covid 19 Dashboard dashboard

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Kindergarten Writers reddin
Our Kindergarteners are working hard in their new Writing Journals. 
Preschool Reads Pete the Cat George
Highland preschool is currently reading Pete the Cat books.
Remembering 9/11 Rapier
Mrs. Malone’s 6th grade class uses an oculus to view and experience the Twin Towers in remembrance of 9/11.
Learning Place Value with Mrs. Kirby kirby
Fourth graders with Mrs. Kirby are learning place value with cards.
Mr. Downey's Critical Thinkers downey
In 6th grade math we were developing critical thinkers with Stand and Talks.
Big Blue Minute - October Edition big blue minute

Check out this month's Big Blue Minute with Superintendent Mike Holbrook. 

September 24, 2021 - Visitor & Volunteer Criteria news

Please click here to read important information regarding visitors and volunteers to our buildings. 

Working on Names in Kindergarten Weiser 1

Mrs. Weiser and Mrs. Brennelli’s students have been working with their names!

Learning Long Vowel Sounds with Mrs. Brannon Brannon 1
Did someone say A, E, I, O, “U” sit down? 
Building Teamwork in Mrs. Tipton's Class Tipton 1
Students created a chart on what it looked like, sounded like, and felt like to work as a team.
Getting Rid of the First Day Jitters in 2nd Grade Layne 1
In 2nd grade, we made jitter juice with Sprite and sprinkles, to get rid of those school jitters. 
Marble STEM Challenge with Miss Fields Fields 1
Students in Ms. Fields 5th grade classroom worked together to complete a marble stem challenge.
Welcome Back with Mrs. Provins and Mrs. Helton! Provins 1
Mrs. Helton and Mrs. Provins are so happy to be back at school with their new group of 2nd graders! 
September 3, 2021 - Letter to Parents/Guardians - COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines letter to parents

HCSD Board of Education and the district is committed to providing students a 5-day in-person educational experience. We want our students to stay in school - in person. We believe that attendance will improve by adding a layer of protection (face covering), even for vaccinated individuals.

Hamilton City School District COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines covid protocol

Please click to view the current Hamilton City School District's COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Guidelines

Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program EBB

The United States Department of Education has established the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program. This program is designed to cover up to $50 per month for in-home broadband internet coverage. Click here to learn more. 

2021-22 Accident Insurance Enrollment Form Now Available accident insurance

If you are interested in accident insurance for your children, the 2021-22 Enrollment Form is now available. Please click here to learn more and access the form. 

Hamilton Educator Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award ohio tesol lifetime achievement

On the final day of the Exploring Words Summer Camp for our English Learners, Denise Lepe Perkins was honored with the 2021 Ohio TESOL Lifetime Achievement Award. Her impact on the Middletown and Hamilton Communities is simply immeasurable. 

Musical Basketball Fun with Mrs. Stucke's Class henry - stucke class

Musical Basketball Fun with Mrs. Stucke's Class

6th Grade Bungee Activity bungee
Mr. Carlton's 6th Grade students enjoyed the bungee activity
Fun in Mrs. Huber's Class huber
Fun in Mrs. Huber's class!
Exploring Chemical Reactions chemical reactions
4th grade Science Mrs. Tipton are exploring chemical reactions working together and experiment.
Dental Hygiene Week dental


February was Dental Health Month! 
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? snowman
6th Grade Recess Fun!
Throwback Thursday: February in Mrs. Provin's Classroom black history
The students in Mrs. Provins class took a deeper dive into several of the books they read during Black History month.  The books we read were, January's Sparrow, The Bell Rang, The Listeners, Henry's Freedom Box, The Undefeated and many more!  Each book told the story of bravery, strength and courage.  The students loved hearing these stories and could not put the books down!
Kindergarten Fun ruhl
Kindergarten learned all about our five senses and then used them to study both the outside and inside of pumpkins! We loved using our sense of touch to explore the gooey pumpkin pulp! 
Kindergarten had their very own class election. Who says kindergartners can participate in elections? We read the story Duck for President and then made our selection of who we would want to run the farm; Duck or Farmer Brown. It was a close race but Duck pulled out the win! Our favorite part of our election was the special voting sticker we received at the end. See us showcasing our special stickers below
PJ Day in Preschool preschool pj
PJ Day in Preschool
Tech Fun with Mrs. Bond tech
6th graders Kaleb Ramos-Means, Chris Withrow and Maelynn Bladen from Mr. Downey's class having some Christmas fun using all the Tech we've learned in Computer Lab this quarter with Mrs. Bond.  
The Most Wonderful Time of Year Brannon
The "Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"
Exploring the Coding World coding
Students are exploring the coding world through Hour of Code.
Throwback Thursday: Holiday Fun! provins holiday
Holiday fun in Mrs. Provin's 2nd grade class!
Letters with Shaving Cream jeffries - letters
Students in Mrs. Jeffries' class are learning letters through fun, hands-on activities.
Throwback Thursday: Preschool Leaf Collections leaf collecting
Preschool went outside this week and collected leaves.  We read Leaf Man, and other leaf/fall books.  The students made their own leaf creations with their leaf collections! Fall fun!
Learning About Planets with Ozobots ozobots

Mrs. Jones 5th grade science class was exploring Ozobots while learning the order of the planets of our solar system. This hands on, collaborative lesson allowed students to work as a team, learn about coding, and demonstrate their learning. #RideWithThePRIDE #BigBlueOnTheMove