Fairwood Falcons Get a Surprise Visit from Hamilton's Own Cunningham Sisters

cunningham sel visit

Developing social and emotional skills is paramount to student success. Fairwood Elementary Student and Family Support Specialist, Cherrish Bowman, has set out to use evidence-based curricula to teach her students critical life skills in a way they can not only understand but also remember and apply on a daily basis. Ms. Bowman uses the WhyTry program which includes 10 unique learning units to help students develop multiple social-emotional skills including that decisions have consequences, how to deal with peer pressure, and how to plug into support systems. 

Most recently, students at Fairwood covered a unit entitled "Tearing Off Your Label". In this unit, students explore how negative labels can hurt their future and how positive labels can help them achieve their goals and attain better opportunities. During this unit, students discuss terms like individuality, strengths, accomplishments, and common ground. Students discuss labels, how it is easy to give up when you have been labeled and how to focus on their strengths and repeat doing what is right. 

At the culmination of this unit, the Fairwood students got a special surprise visit from Hamilton's own Cunningham sisters. Marie and Macie greeted students at the beginning of the school day and held a special assembly for the students. They each discussed the various labels they had overcome and how the process of overcoming those labels led them to find their true "voice" and ultimately led them to star on the NBC hit TV show "The Voice".

We are so grateful for all that Ms. Bowman does for our students and staff and want to thank Marie and Macie Cunningham for sharing their encouraging stories with our students. Click the video below to see highlights from the day's events.



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