2021-2022 Brookwood Elementary 

Arrival & Dismissal

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Please refrain from dropping students off prior to 8:45 as they will not be permitted in the building prior to 8:45.

If your student is a walker, please encourage them to arrive on campus no earlier than 8:45.

Drop off  for all students, Kindergarten through Sixth grade, will begin when staff members exit the building for duty. This will take place promptly at 8:45 am each morning.  

If you arrive prior to this time, please pull forward as far in the drop off areas as possible and wait for further staff direction.

Make sure your student has their belongings ready to exit your vehicle prior to entering the school parking lot.

Once you student has exited your vehicle, please stay in the line to leave campus.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PASSING OR PULLING AROUND OTHER VEHICLES unless directed to do so by a Brookwood staff member

If you’d like to walk your child up to the building, please park in the main parking lot and walk with your child across the crosswalk. A staff member will be on duty to direct you when it is safe to cross.

*Under no circumstances should students line up or gather around any entrance other than the main entrance prior to 8:45 am. 


 Dismissal  Students in Grades 1-6

Car Pick Up (Front of Building): 

**For the safety of our students, all transportation changes during the school day should be completed IN PERSON.  Verbal confirmation over the telephone will not be permitted to change a child’s mode of transportation.

Dismissal for students in grades 1-6 will begin at 3:35. If a student has not been picked up by 3:45, they will be brought into the main office and a parent/guardian will need to enter office and sign them out from there. Kindergarten procedures will be shared with families during one on one’s scheduled with child’s teacher.

The table below identifies the pickup area for each grade level.  Please park and walk to the marked location where your student(s) will be dismissed from.  Identified areas will be clearly marked with a corresponding grade level sign.

Dismissal Procedures

  • Dismissal is at 3:35

  • Students wait in their pod until their bus load is called or the dismissal bell rings

  • Student walkers will be escorted through the southern facing exit and to Brookwood Ave.

  • Car riders will be escorted to the cafeteria until their parent/guardian arrives. Parent/guardian cars will have a number card visible for staff members to see. Student/family groups will be called by number and will walk to their car.

  • Parents are asked NOT to call school to change a student’s dismissal procedure!  Please make arrangements before the child comes to school in the morning.  A note to the teacher of a change will be acceptable.  ***Please try to be consistent with your child on which exit they are using and how they will get home.  This will help the teachers to direct students to the correct exit.




Please have a state issued photo ID ready to show our staff. The person picking up a student must be identified appropriately in Final Forms.

Thanks in advance for helping us implement these procedures. We are confident we will provide the Brookwood Family with an orderly, and most importantly, safe and secure arrival and dismissal each day.


Bus Students:

Here is a link to the master list of Bus stop for the district. 

2021-2022 Master Schedule