News & Announcements

Harry T. Wilks "Hamilton Celebrates Education" Educators of Excellence doc christen

Congratulations to these amazing Educators of Excellence and thank you to Hamilton Community Foundation for recognizing these incredible teachers for all of their efforts. 

Book Tour ld

4th graders to a "Book Tour" around the room! Students have been learning about Nonfiction vs. Fiction.  To wrap up our learning the students go to walk around on the "Book Tour" to look at many different books.  Students had to decide if the book was fiction or nonfiction and record their answers on their "Book Tour" log. 

Future Math Experts at Work! tc

 Fortune says that these kids are going to excel this year! Students are creating Place Value "Fortune Tellers" to practice their skills and a "What I Learned" poster to show all the awesome things that they have learned so far. 

Historical Fiction vs. Nonfiction! nc

Mr. Conner’s class has been hard at work identifying differences between different genres! Here’s a tip from our 4th grade friends: knowing the setting (where the book takes place) and plot (what happens) will help you decide! 

ESL In the Classroom SCC

Students in grade 5 are composing their own stories in the classroom by using google voice recognition.  Students can talk in their stories and then translate them to share with the class.