Royal Spotlight: Emily Greenlee, Title I Reading Specialist

Mrs. Greenlee is #RoyalByChoice
Mrs. Greenlee, Title I Reading Specialist, loves that Riverview Royals dream big and are world-changers.


Mrs. Greenlee is #RoyalByChoice!

Riverview is the best! I love getting to work alongside the best students and staff in Hamilton. Riverview is so diverse and I love the idea of knowing that student learning will carry beyond Hamilton and will have impact around the world. Royals dream big and are world-changers.

Here is what some Riverview Royals have to say about Mrs. Greenlee being a Royal:

"Mrs. Greenlee plays some board games with spinners with us. I have learned sight words with Mrs. Greenlee." ~ Michel

"Mrs. Greenlee gives us tickets for being on task." ~Aden

"I like to play games where we highlight compound words and have to find the match. I like that when we have to go through the zig zag snake, we have to get the word correct or we have to go back to start. I also like to write." ~Quentan

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